Gustav Ralmark


Developing a spaceish game, Page created 2018-03-16

Update: 2018-05-25

+Polished world map

+Iterated two one the graphics

+Skippable message UI

+Clearer buildtimes for sections bigger than one tile

+Multiple characters

Update: 2018-05-09

+Polished planet shader

+Added more sound feedback

+Better mission UI

+Proper levelprogression

+Love lambdas, especially lambdas in lambdas

Update: 2018-04-27

+Added proper "level support"

+Added world diferences with a shader planet and black hole

+Added object UI

+Added Win UI

+Starting to like lambdas

?Video have black artifacts?

Nifty eggtimer class with callback:

Update: 2018-02-13