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AI day + Video

Good evening. This day has been all about AI and getting a agent to move correctly. Let’s just say that there will be a new day tomorrow with more coding =)
I have uploaded a video of my summer project 2009.
History: I wanted to create a “computer driven” home. And for that I thought a computer controlling the lights in a house. I purchased a touch screen from Asia and diverse electronics. Here is a video of the result. Each channel (up to 8 digital and 2 analog) can switch 1200Watt which can be two computers, 8 tv sets or 30 40Watt lights.

Two new pages added as well. About me with a crisp sommerpicture of me. And one page with some catchy links.

4 Responses to “AI day + Video”

  • BosseB says:

    Faan va coolt Ralle, det här har du inte sakt någonting om!

  • Gustav says:

    Heh ja en liten smygis är jag allt

  • BosseB says:

    Jovars, gillar sidan! Ska ta en koll på WordPress i dagarna, verkar smidigt…by the way, Klockan går fel

  • Gustav says:

    Jo riktigt smidigt är det. Klockan fixad =P

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