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The Plauge Crusade (Strategy)

Time spend developing: 10 weeks
Peoples involved: 10 (4 programmers, 6 artists)

The game was developed using DirectX10 with our own engine.
Our second experience with 3D and DirectX10

This game takes place in the not so distant past where the villages entirely depends on the priest and in our case the monks. You play the good guys (the monk, archers and the knights) while you challenge the living creatures from hell (The necromancer, ghoul and the spitter). You challenge this creatures for wood, steel and gold in a epic fight for human existence!

My role:
I was responsible for creating the height field and texturing it with splatting.
Later in the project I was pretty much involved with the game play and setting up
the environment by creating a quick level editor so that the artists could have something to work with. Later on I created the particle editor, now in game instead of a separate C# application.
I also took the responsible for creating the audio engine and the GPU sprite system with GUI.

System Requirements:
-Windows Vista or better
-DirectX10 Compatible video card
-2GB Memory

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