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Paper plane (Space shooter)

Time spend developing: 10 weeks
Peoples involved: 10 (4 programmers, 6 artists)

The game was developed using DirectX10 with our own engine.
This was our first experience with 3D and DirectX

My role:
In this project most of my time was spend on the GUI system and the Particle system.
I was also responsible for the environment such as the planets and clouds.
I also created the music for this game. You can listen to it if you scroll down.

System Requirements:
-Windows Vista or better
-DirectX10 Compatible video card
-2GB Memory

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4 Responses to “Paper plane (Space shooter)”

  • Gustav says:

    i like fraps =)

  • Stofe says:

    Hello! Nice vid av er GUI!

    Mycket ballt må jag säga!

  • Stofe says:

    Ohh forgot!

    Loved the sounds and music! = )

  • Gustav says:

    Ty! Gör min dag lite bättre =)

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