Gustav Ralmarks Showbox++

Crater (First person shooter)

Time spend developing: 9 weeks
Peoples involved: 10 (4 programmers, 6 artists)

The game was developed using DirectX10 with our own engine.
This was our third experience with 3D and DirectX

This game was influenced by the game Border Lands. We wanted to make a game that the player was able to custimize his weapon instead of having 13 unique pieces. So, in the game you play a soldier called in to make piece
for two drilling companies drilling for valuable mineras in a crater. You end up shooting a lot of bad guys as they are not that complient.

My role:
I was in charge of the leveleditor so that tha artists could build the world. I was also in charge of the GUI and the weapon system so that we could upgrade the weapon. IN the middle of the project I got creative and created the heat haze that you see in the beginning of the movie. And I also created the Font engine so that we could skip the build in font system of direct3D.

Credits to Sean beesonfor providing the music!

System Requirements:
-Windows Vista or better
-DirectX10 Compatible video card
-2GB Memory

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